Design is ultimately about solving business problems. The process of design is about understanding a context, observing the people involved within that context. Once the designer can immerse themselves within that context they can begin to define the problem they’re dealing with. Once the multiple perspectives of this problem are revealed, the designer must find a way to create a platform that can facilitate ways in which to continually transform that problem into a system that sustains the individuals who are involved in that system.

The design process involves asking questions which uncover hidden issues that may prevent businesses or organisations from reaching their full potential. As a designer, I feel it is also important to be able to observe an organisation and assist them in fulfilling their purpose. Every business challenge comes from different places or faces different struggles in order to solve these problems, it is important to understand the entire system and it’s dependencies. Process in this sense is vital in revealing a holistic understanding of experiences. In order to design immersive experiences designers need to immerse themselves into the experience.  I follow a user centered design approach when designing experiences, this means I believe it is important to involve the user in the process as much as possible. There are multiple paths which can be taken and various techniques which need to be used per system.