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We design our world, while our world acts back on us and designs us.
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My name is Irani Sangham, I’m an experience designer who is interested in how we as beings learn through our experiences. I love experience design because it facilitates this process of experientially absorbing information.

I’ve just handed in my masters dissertation titled disclosing design and I thoroughly enjoyed the process I went through to produce this piece of work. I blogged about this process from when I started, you can also find some practical outputs I produced during this process.



I have split up my work into sections based on where I have worked and what I have done at those places;

Western Cape Government
Flow Interactive
Chillisoft Solutions

Western Cape Government

I am currently working at the Western Cap Government as a user experience architect. I completed my masters thesis on designing digitally inclusive systems for all users, while I was working here.My job here consists of:

  • user research
  • stakeholder interviews
  • systems analysis
  • persona developement
  • user experience mapping
  • heuristic evaluations
  • prototyping
  • wireframming
  • designing

IMG_1560   Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.25.47 PM   Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.26.17 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.14.44 PM   Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.14.55 PM   Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.14.35 PM back-end-flows-2015-07-07   resource1    Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.17.06 PM    Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.17.24 PM   Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.17.48 PM      Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 8.28.21 PM


I worked a system while freelancing. This system was affiliated with the Western Cape Government, it was a system focused on distributing and growing skills in the Western Cape. I worked with a team of designers and business analysts to produce a platform for professionals to find out what is happening in their field and keep their skills up to date with the demand of markets. For this project I was responsible for;

  • product discovery
  • business modelling
  • journey mapping
  • interface design
  • visual and brand design

IMG_0954 (1)   tumblr_nba6unI6Mk1r1fruvo1_1280   tumblr_nba7idCaeI1r1fruvo1_1280   tumblr_nbaar0xPZV1r1fruvo1_1280   tumblr_nbaar0xPZV1r1fruvo3_1280   tumblr_nbaar0xPZV1r1fruvo4_1280   tumblr_nbaar0xPZV1r1fruvo5_1280   tumblr_nbaar0xPZV1r1fruvo6_1280

Flow Interactive

At Flow interactive I worked as a UX designer. I worked on:

  • visual graphics
  • interaction design
  • prototypes
  • mock-ups
  • user testing
  • stakeholder interviews
  • stakeholder analysis
  • persona development
  • user journey development

tumblr_mxyfurmdWW1r1fruvo1_r2_1280   tumblr_mxyh7zOW8m1r1fruvo1_1280   tumblr_mxyi5exWXO1r1fruvo1_1280   tumblr_my023gK9AV1r1fruvo1_1280   tumblr_my623c04yK1r1fruvo1_r1_1280


At Chillisoft I worked as a UI/UX designer, I begun learning some HTML/CSS. I was responsible for:

  • Designing graphics in illustrator and photoshop
  • Sketching wireframes
  • Creating mock-ups
  • Designing front-end experiences
  • Chillisoft branding and visual identity

tumblr_mw9s2mA5eP1r1fruvo1_1280   tumblr_mw9va4FV9A1r1fruvo2_1280   tumblr_mw9va4FV9A1r1fruvo4_1280   tumblr_mxzx30AyoZ1r1fruvo1_1280   tumblr_mxzx30AyoZ1r1fruvo2_1280   tumblr_mxzx30AyoZ1r1fruvo5_1280

Earth touch

At Earth-touch I worked as the digital designer for the online channel, I produced graphics and animated graphics for web.

  • Infographics
  • Digital pamphlets
  • Emailers
  • Animated inforgraphics
  • Title sequences
  • Motion graphics

An animated rhino info graphic made for Earth- Touch, showing the affect that rhino poaching has. It was my first animated infographic and was also published here ;http://webdesigncrowd.com/stylish-effective-infographics-with-typography/

An example of the infographics I produced:

tumblr_lq4cqdGFPF1r1fruvo1_1280   tumblr_lq4cv99DBt1r1fruvo1_1280   tumblr_lq4cyirzrk1r1fruvo1_1280   tumblr_lq4d4gIXuL1r1fruvo1_1280   tumblr_lq4dampEy61r1fruvo1_1280

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I have just completed my master’s thesis focusing on the process of designing human-centered systems. I thoroughly enjoyed this process of researching for a practical output.

I have always been a bit obsessed with how we as human beings learn through our experiences we have in the world, for me, this is the essence of user experience design.

This outlook has created a deep interest into how we can develop meaningful engagements for our users so that they can easily learn and achieve their goals.

These are my areas of interest:

  • User Experience Design
  • User Experience Research (usability testing, persona development, user journey mapping, stakeholder interviews, alignment diagramming)
  • Interaction Design (wireframes, prototypes, interface design)
  • Diagramming (visually defining information, making abstract information more tangible in order to turn it into an experience).
  • Business design (business model innovation)
  • Design doing (some call it design thinking – but I think it needs to work on a more practical level)


Western Cape Government UX Architect, Middle management (2014 – current)

Developing wireframes, prototypes and designs for citizen-facing systems.

Created design policies based on best practices for the Western Cape digital systems.

  • Analysis: Conducted usability heuristic evaluations of systems.
  • Research: Stakeholder interviews, user testing and focus groups
  • Visual representation: Personas, User journey maps, alignment diagrams
  • Management: Developed management skills by managing team members who reported directly to myself, participated in middle management decisions and discussions.

Flow Interactive UX Designer (2013 – 2014)

Developing prototypes, mock-ups, style tiles, style guides and designs.

  • Learnt: User testing methods, persona creation, user journey mapping and stakeholder interviews.

Chillisoft Software Solutions UX/UI Designer (2011 – 2013)

Developed wireframes, mock-ups, infographics, designs and front-end design. Conducted heuristic evaluations of digital systems.

  • Design: Visual representation,
  • Learnt: Agile methodologies, visual management techniques,
  • Coding: HTML, CSS
  • Responsible for:
    • Creating easy to digest experiences for digital systems.
    • Designing development courseware that was easy to understand for executive teaching courses on TDD (Test driven technologies), BDD (Behaviour, driven technologies) and Bug testing.
    • Designing user interfaces for systems.

Earth-Touch Digital Designer (2009 – 2010)

Developed designs for the Earth-touch online nature channel, describing phenomena present in the animal ecosystems and nature ecosystems. I worked as a motion graphics designer; this is where my fascination with designing experiences for the web, started.

  • Learnt: how to manage my own time and collaborate with a team to produce experiences.
  • Responsible for: Designing all the content for the Earth-touch online channel. (emailer, online pamphlets and posters, social media posts, inforgraphics, animated inforgraphics and motion graphics for all online video series)



Mphil. Inclusive Innovation (February 2014 – August 2015)

Masters thesis, designing disclosure: Defining a method of designing based on utilising design-thinking principles and techniques to create a digitally inclusive Western Cape.

B.A Brand communications, specialising in multimedia design (2007 – 2009)

Skills gained: Branding, creative strategy and digital design tools and techniques.


CUA: Certified Usability analyst (2011)

Human Factors international certification in usability analysis covers four sections: User experience foundations, user-centered analysis and conceptual design, the science and art of effective web and application design and practical usability testing.

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